World Gods & Acrobatic Power at Tiandi Theatre

World Gods Acrobatics

There are many gods in this world, and people seem to argue over which one is the most powerful, or the best. While the fact that there can only be one god, is in a way correct. The argument over which one is absolutely false. It’s simply a way for humans to feel confident over their incompetence to thrive their lives to happiness, which ultimately is each ones own responsibility. The one god, or goddess that I am talking about is you, me and everyone, as well as everything. It is the all powerful force, that is accessable to all human beings, plants and animals in this world. To tap into it, gives you real freedom to explore human consciousness and achieve things in life that make it worth living. Competition of any kind, between religion or acrobatic theatre is not necessary and only for those who are weak.

The world is full of different kinds of gods, made by man. But the one god or goddess is that which covers the whole world. Whenever I find examples of people who have embraced this tremendous force, I take not and study their ways. It’s always good to stay humble even if you achieve as incredible things as the Tiandi Theatre in Beijing has over the course of their acrobatic lifetime. Within Chinese history, the tradition has been that only those who forget pride and become humble within the forces of greater gods, one can really achieve the skill that is needed to become an acrobatic performer. Chinese tradition has indeed set the par of skill within this area of theatrical performance as high as it can be. Which is why the westerners could never replicated the feats, or reach the level of enlightement that has given the Beijing acrobats a power of gods to become one of the leading such nightlife venues.

Often enough, best examples are found in the most ordinary examples and even in commercial areas. For the performers at the Tiandi Theatre, money is definitely now the thriving power. Especially since wage is so low, that doing the incredible stage performance as many times as once a day without much holiday.. one needs to be passionate about their work and to entertain foreigners who come to Beijing. If you don’t believe me, just go there yourself and witness the true marvel of Chinese acrobatics.

There are others too which I will talk about, and cover in later posts. Until then, let us dream and embrace the world gods that are everyone and us all. To witness this, head on Beijing and don’t be afraid!

W. unconditional love,

Note. Last updated October, 2016


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