Truth Behind Ganesha Consciousness

Ganesha Consciousness

This blog sets out to break boundaries and teach concepts that take no limit in discovering the inner workings of man, and it’s most inner being. It’s always an ongoing journey with words, until one day you don’t need words anymore. Of course, this is a day that is yet to come for most of us and for that we exist in bringing this message.

Speaking of messages, there are so many misunderstandings in this world. And we couldn’t think of a better example than our dear Ganesha. The virtuous god that has become one of the major targets of worship. But if you ask the Indians what they are worshopping, if you are a foreigner they will simply explain it to be the money god. Because Ganesha is someone who grants your wishes, and the biggest wish in modern day society is wealth, money and the power that comes with it.

The issue is two fold as these Ganesha worshipping Indians are actually rather sincere. In other countries you worship money, without saying and stating it out loud. If that is what you have set out to do in life, such as the most of the Indian population seems to have done.. then that is better to be said as what it is and not try to hide it in any way.

But Ganesha Consciousness originally and in it’s essense is something quite opposite to the artificial value of money. Ganesha is a protector and someone that connects our souls with this universe. In our history, the biggest wish was to connect with nature and become enlightened. Something that could not be further from money. The truth behind Ganesha Consciousness can only be experienced, when one throws away the greed and need for money itself. Because wish, is something that if someone truly wishes for in a spiritual level cannot be made out of paper. It will be made out of the universe, and surpass anything that has artificual value.

That is the consciousness we should thrive for.

Anna Deva


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  1. Yeah, Ganesha is an interesting god alright. I am sure there is plenty of confusion going around! =)

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