The Temple of the Goddess

The Temple of the Goddess

–“Everything is sacred”, is something you often hear being said and it feels right. But when ones energy is not balanced, it often tends to attract forces outside of oneself. But in fact, that most sacred place to start with is your own temple. The reason being that this very temple is the doorway to all the other temples of this world and beyond. But when one is distracted by the burden of daily life and the mind, it is difficult to center and enter this almost forgotten but sacred pathway. Simply to approach this temple of the goddess is already a huge step towards happiness and being contempt.

Did you ever hear someone say to you, that you need to do something in order to become a better person. It is that very dangerous thought, that others are somehow responsable that diverts us from the most difficult and important aspect of our lives. Which is within ourselves, and contains everything that we ever need in our lives. All the manifests outwards, is a mere reflection and a natural outcome of the love that has been found from within ourselves. It is a concept that needs to frames, and there is no limit to the endless possibilities of its manifestation.

That’s why I suggest people not to forget ones own temple, but at the same time to find their own path. If this path leads you outside of yourself, it wants to teach you something. If going inwards feels unconfortable, it wants to teach you something. No matter what the action, it’s all the manifestation of that very inner being. It makes us what we are, and it should not be forgotten to say the least.

Anna Deva

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