The Healing Energies of Chinese Massage & Foot Spa

Healing Body Massage

Chinese massage is less known in it’s traditional sense. But it is based on over two thousand years of medical practice, under the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principle. Within are included numerous forms of medical practice, such as herbal medicine, exercise, dietary therapy as well as acupuncture and massage known as “Tui Na” in Chinese. This ancient medical practice is practiced throughout the world and has gained status as one of the most popular forms of massage today. However, it’s true healing power differs in strength and quality depending on the masseur. Some of the most skillful practioners are either difficult to find or hard to get an appointment with. While some seek pleasure and reduced fatigue from the experience, there is a whole spiritual level to it that is often unknown. Based on the concept of life energy known as “Qi”, a true healing process can begin.

While TCM itself is not a well documented practice and many of it’s uses of endangered species such as shark fin soup are highly questioned by modern science. Best practiced forms are trained for tens of years and while the methods of healing are constantly debated, it is obvious that meeting with a master of Chinese massage is a life changing event. While I would love to just give you an address to find such professionals with the true healing power in their hands, it is not so easy to find them. The best I can do is suggest visiting the capital city of Beijing which is one of the focal points of traditional massage practices, where the discipline is still being maintained in it’s pursest, diciplined form. Going to just any massage parlor is not going to do it however, to get a good recommendation I would also suggest asking from the guide to Beijing massage and foot spa which is a helpful service for finding quality services in the city.

Equally whole body massage as well as foot massage is very effective. Both are connected to the accupuncture points in your body, that are located along the meridian lines. These lines are like channels of energy, that transport the life energy “Qi” (or sometimes called Chi) throughout your body. According to TCM, if this energy is blocked or does not flow well, it can lead to many different kinds of deseases or just stress, and other mental problems. It is the very foundation of our well being that keeps the well known Yin & Yang energies that the “Qi” is composed of, in balance. This is why when the practice is applied the the feet, it is not such a pleasurable experience as many might think. Of course some spas & parlors have made it more comfortable to foreign visitors, which is not the real thing. A truly authentic foot massage for example can hurt quite a lot, as they say “no pain is no gain”.

This system effects the way people think and behave in life. While western medicine recognised desease as something possibly life threatening or disabling if left untreated. It is common notion in China that the perfect flow of bodily energies is difficult to attain. This is why these massage techniques that target the blocks in your body, not only cures disease but promotes well being on a totally new energy level. It is a transforming experience at best and must be experienced first hand to understand. Everyone will have different resulsts depending on the readyness of the mind and body. However, while this is an introduction to traditional Chinese massage, there is really no limit to how far you can go with it.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about blind massage in Beijing.. I would love to visit for the original experience. Thx.


    1. You are very brave — as they say in China and the rest of the world “no pain, no gain” and that sums up blind massage. It’s a truly wonderful healing experience. Appreciate your message mammy.

      Thank you. Deva.

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