Spiritual Goods on Amazon: Trusting Reviews

I have often been making different kinds of purchases online, of products that I am interested in, in the field of spirituality and goddess goods. But only lately, I discovered that there is a much more affordable way of obtaining these things. And that is the popular Amazon store. Just recently I bought the Osho tarrot cards which are terrific. Turned out, that some of the so called spiritual specilized online shops out there are just way too expensive. I have no problem supporting a business with a common cause, but when it abuses the benefit without giving equal value to the experience.. it’s just something I cannot digest that easily. So, I have turned to Amazon which hasn’t been entirely non-problematic either. But at least I can more or less trust on the level of price and that they deliver fast with an amazing collection of goods. You could say, that it’s like a match made in heaven. Us spiritually aware beings and an online store that acts like a machine god in an unknown warehouse in an unknown locatation in the US.

The slightly problematic part, was the review system which I could not always trust. At times, you could see such great reviews but when you actually got the product.. it was just something tlese. Turns out that this is a sort of a scam which is actively happening within the store. So, that’s why I wanted to find out the answer to the very important question: Can I trust Amazon? Well, turns out that I can with the right tricks that can give me the confidence to investigate on the sellers. And not just the sellers, but especially the reviews.

By going through the simple steps in the linked article which I very much recommend reading before doing pretty much any purchase there, you can find out if it’s legimate or not. These scammers are using all kinds of techniques which are repeated over and over. This is their weak spot of course, and spending a bit of time checking out the review profiles and so on, you can find out that someone is targeting Amazon in an agressive way. Anyway, probably most of the people that go into these false believes are not that good in protecting their online rights on the internet. Nevertheless everyone should be educated in the area. If you are into spiritual stuff or not. Because once you cross this barrier of can you or can you not trust them, the whole shopping experience on Amazon becomes very rewarding.

If you have any similar experiences, or want to recommend interesting products related to things like tantric healing, love and sexual health. Please, don’t hesitate to give a shout in the comments section so that we can all become just a little bit aware. Let’s trust each other, and go the path forward together. I know some people who have denied capitalism but I assure you, there are plenty of these products that are necessary to aid spiritual development. So let’s get our hands together and have a safe as well as fun experience shopping at Amazon.

Thanks for listening and watch out for the next article, about tantra!

Goddess herself,
Anna Deva

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