Showing Love Healing Throught Chaoyang Acrobatics

Beijing Acrobats

I wanted to get to the topic of my second favorite, “god like” acrobatics show in Beijing. In this incredible city, there is another absolutely mind boggling performance known as the Chaoyang Acrobatic Show, which gets people going and finding love yet again. As I mentioned before about the argument of which god is the best, at Chaoyang Theatre it is yet another debate that is better left without words. When I first saw the performance at the Tiandi Theatre, I was speechless. Now having experienced the second show highlight of the town, I am speechless and stunned.

Also here you can smell how Chinese history has developed a long way to bring you this amazing performance. Not just a commercial blown up event, but a true meeting of the god and goddess. A well balance performance with male and female actors that are extremely talented. All in good flavor of Yin & Yang that brings authentic love to the performing stage! Coming to see the acrobatics is like a pilgrimidge for some, at least for the Chinese portion of the audience. Perhaps many foreigners have yet to realise the significance of this variety show which gives us hope and shows us how you need meditation to find extremes in life.

I often talk about topics like tantric healing, or sexual health and other sexuality issues amongst love itself. But I can say that it is the very energy of the water, the sexual energy that enables the acrobats do these feats. I never consider myself as some kind of a sex goddess, but just understanding and accepting that force that is even greater than us, unites the power of the world gods into one fertile power. Yet this massive energy is only the beginning and rises up your spine, through all the chakras from your feet to your crown chakra in the head.

Having passed some obstacles of the mind and being closer to ones true godlike being, I can say that the actors here have achieved a similar stage in life. One interesting aspect is of course, that this massive skill is left unnoticed by most spectators. But that is the way, where the truly enlightened will never get the recognisition that they would deserve. In fact, no recognisition is really needed, because having achieved the hightened state of being is rewarding in itself.

Without a doubt, these Chaoyang Acrobatics in Beijing are not going to use the same words for what I am explaining here. Perhaps for them it’s just a mindless act, where they don’t need to put words and which is exactly why they have realised perhaps more than any other performing artist known to man. This is the ultimate act of love because it is without condition and pure. Huge respect for this ancient Chinese form of art which should be mandatory on any itinerary in Beijing or anywhere in China. Go and check out the Chaoyang Theatre show and you will not be dissapointed. I promise you all.

Love & light,
Goddess, friend and guru,
Anna Deva

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