Say “Yes” To Tantric Healing!

Tantric healing conjures up a number of ideas and interpretations. The association most seen, is that of sexual healing and practice. As human beings we are innately sexual; meaning, we crave human connection. Although, our sexual nature is created due tour need for energy and connection.


This concept can also be understood as a spiritual/physical need to connect with energy.

Due to our spiritual/physical need, it is extremely important to understand three elements that make up the core of Tantric Healing – The science of Tantra, connective energy and the ancient Ayurveda practice that created and continued this healing work for thousands of years.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is the science of energy and consciousness. Based on this rationale, it is easy to see why tantric healing, includes offering one self’s energy, physical and mental.

Connecting Energy

Energy is one thing that cannot be destroyed, one can only rise above. This is because energy is alive. Ultimately, energy creates. What it creates is up to you.

As spiritually conscious beings, our energy is being accepted by others, meanwhile we are unconsciously accepted theirs. The beauty of Tantric healing is that right energy is being given and accepted for your conscious elevation. This is the source of healing.

Tantric healing is even more so powerful when two or more put that same healing energy into the treatment. (This applies to hands on energy healing or sexual tantric healing.)

Essentially, it is a practice of altering energy with higher vibrations and spiritual consciousness.

Ayurveda Treatments & Modern  Healing

Ayurveda, the “knowledge of living” has been practiced for thousands of years. Many of the same elements have been revitalized in the western world’s yoga practice.

Here is why this fact is important to note:

There are a handful of various styles of Tantric healing are available today… right now. I would be remiss not to highly recommend trying this ancient and effective form of healing.

Whatever specific form of healing you choose, remember Tantric healing heals you at your very core, your energy, and your spiritual consciousness.

How could this not at a positive change to your life?

Anna Deva

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