Get Ready for Love!!

Love Hand

Having worked in the goddess industry for all my life, there are some very fundamental messages and attitudes that really help to grow ones personality. One of course, is the power of love. There are those who seek spiritual practices but are not ready for sharing their love with themselves and others. That’s why I want to warn all my dear readers, that if you are not ready for love, you will experience difficulties. All one needs, is to accept in their hearts that love is the kind of compassion they want to achieve and grow in life to understand these texts. Becoming a better person is something that everyone wants, however we need to be realistic about some things.

The world of sexuality, goddess worship and tantric healing are some of the amazing tools we are using to reach our temple of god and goddess. But behind sexuality, behind everything lies love. This very attitude should be manifested throughout all the practices, even when there is need to hate or to remove hatred. So as a basic exercise I want to encourage our dear readers to think about love, and your relationship with it.

How much effort do you put into loving each day. How much of it is for yourself, and how much for others. Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. There cannot be one without the other. So just for a day consider your attitude and does it require change or not. Once you find the calling within you that you are ready, and want to love the world. Then, nothing can stop you and these texts will expand your consciousness to new heights that could not have been imagined before.

Let us start the path of love.

Goddess herself ,

Anna Deva

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