Fertility & Power of the Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty

I have had yet again, had the great honor of witnessing the vast and fertile power of the ancient show atmosphere in China. This time in the old capital, known as Xi’an. If you have never visited there, I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in the power of the Chinese goddess that is truly remarkable. Please enjoy this enchanting description of the show!

Goddess of Tang Dynasty Show

Tang Dynasty Show Dinner & Show

There are many theater restaurants in Xi’an that showcase the Tang Dynasty Show and Dinner. The traditional shows and plays offer a unique combination of Tang Dynasty form of dance and music and an insight into ancient Chinese history along with a delectable dinner fit for kings. People from all over the world have come to this spectacular show for many decades and gone back home with eclectic memories.

Xi’an was the capital city of many ancient dynasties in China that date back to as far as 1070 BC. The city has been famous for being instrumental in restoring the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese Middle Kingdom. Popularly regarded as the natural museum of Chinese history, Xi’an is home to thousands of mausoleums and ruins, the renowned terracotta warriors, remains of ancient architecture and art, and tombs of ancient emperors. The Tang Dynasty Show: Dinner & Show, beautifully articulates this rich culture and history in a contemporary dance and song format. The ambience at the theaters also compliments the mood of the show which will take you back to 600 to 900 AD, the height of the Tang Dynasty.

The show also imbibes other cultural aspects of those times, including the exotic traditions that were brought in by travelers, indigenous tribes, and merchants along the Silk route. The distinctive cultures of these travelers got assimilated with the ancient civilization thereby creating one of the most prosperous and progressive times in Xi’an.

The Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty dance and dinner show features traditional and powerful folk dances which were originally created as a means of pleasing the gods during the ancient era. These sacrificial rituals and folk dances composed of graceful movements and enchanting prayers that eventually turned into a rhythmic form of art. The show also features drums, bells, and zithers, etc., which are authentic musical instruments from the Tang Dynasty era, thereby helping create a musical extravaganza that is not only fun and enjoyable, but also authentic.

All the artists involved in the performance are highly skilled and trained professionals. They are renowned all over the world for presenting the richness and grandeur of the Tang Dynasty era on the stage with ultimate precision and accuracy. The musicians on the show are also masters of their art; they can expertly play a variety of western and Chinese instruments including percussion instruments.

Some of the acts in the performance include a sorcerer’s dance/the Da Nuo, an instrumental ensemble from the Tang Dynasty, the rainbow dance in exquisite and fertile costumes, an ancient cultural dance performance, the triumphal dance of the warriors, a traditional musical piece that extols the beauty of early spring, and a clog dance/the Ta Ge.

The Tang Dynasty Dinner

The dinner is before the show. It usually begins with a dumpling banquet of different shaped and sized handmade dumplings that are full of unique veggie and meat combinations.

Other delicacies include ‘pearls of cathay’ a delicious chicken dish, sautéed beef fillet in sour or sweet sauce, black mushroom consommé, imperial ancient dim sum platter, fresh crispy king prawns in special dressing and sauces, and jasmine tea and orange sago surprise.

That’s for the review of the show, hope you liked it. And don’t miss it on your trip to China. It’s just a short train ride from the capital of Beijing.

Warmest regards from the world of the goddess herself,
Anna Deva
Xi’an, China.

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