Being True to Yourself

The Answer is Near

All of us are set on a path of finding ourselves, it’s an inevitable part of our lives. Soon after we are born, we start looking for it. It gives us the power to become whoever we are. But often enough, there are many misunderstandings when people around us try to shape us and makes us something that we are not by nature. Who ever said, that there is no such thing as god or goddess is probably quite dissolutioned. And that very dissolution is something that people use to reflect the very thing that could free them from being conditioned to being someone else.

To be true to yourself is a difficult task, when one thinks that it is. But it is absolutely necessary inorder to find happiness in this world, that creates divition and wars.. so that people would be distracted from their inner being. It is calling for everyone, and most of lives energy has to be put into the very rejection of oneself to be able to maintain it. It’s a sad state of affairs, with more and more people looking for an answer to.

But the problem lies in finding an external solution for the problem, which can only replace a problem with another. Being true to yourself, one must go inside and look into the very cause of all misery and problems. Which despite being conditioned to, onself can be only held responsable to. Just accepting that very essence of staying true and taking responsability takes a huge step the right way.

Ultimately each step must be walked by onself, and is different for each person. That is however one of the most beautiful things about life. So I encourage everyone to find their god, or goddess that is inside the very thing we call “yourself”. Good luck and happy searching.

The answer is near!

Anna Deva

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