Ancient World of Chinese Goddesses

Chinese Goddess Bixia Yuanjin

Not so many of you might know about Chinese mythology. What I can assure all my readers of, that there is a tremendously old and historical ancient past of different gods and goddesses in the country. Previously known as the “Middle Kingdom” because of it’s centralised proximity within the world, or at least what was believed to be so the time. This kingdom, is filled with paradox and mystery which makes it one of the most fascinating countries to study their poetric souls. The philosophy behind this goddess rich path is a sublime philosophy that is sometimes even hard to grasp by those who spend their whole lives studying it.

There are several primitive folk religions that reigned throughout the land, from Confucious thinking to Daoism which is another magical belief filled with fascinating rituals. Not to forget Buddhism of course, but it’s just one of the many that have crossed through the multicultural landscape of the red republic.

What I love about Chinese gods and goddesses is that they are “deified humans”, much like in ancient Greek mythology. Which means of course that they are prone to mistakes just as we are, with emotions such as jealousy and greek which are not considered godly of emotions.

It is my strong belief that these kinds of emotions that could be considered as useless in their pure meaningless are in fact important to us all. They are simple stages or paths that lead us to a higher enlightement. Understanding this, has traditionally given root to enlightened beings such as Buddha himself.

With this I close by greeting to the great Chinese goddesses and deities, that I adore so much. Shangdi, Tianhou, Mu Gong, Bixia Yuanjin, Yen-lo-wang, Yu-huang and many more. It is as if the world and universe itself was created by these rulers of earth from China. In a sense, it is exactly the truth.

Love and light,
Anna Deva

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