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My name isĀ Anna Deva. I am an expert in tantric healing, love, magic and other spiritual issues. Be it healing, counseling, blogging or alternative therapy, I have experienced it all. Yet, I am still learning and expanding my awareness.

Anna Deva

3211 35th St
Astoria, NY 11106 (New York City)


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  1. Hi Anna, I am so happy to have discovered you! I have been awakened and I desire more and more each day to learn of my inner Goddess and to bring her to the forefront of my existence…I do believe I need help doing this! I am a mother of 5 who is currently in her 2nd marriage and we are not together at this time. We separated in December and although he is the one I want I’m not sure he is my God… I would love your feedback and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Love Aishah,
    the AriesGoddess

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