Showing Love Healing Throught Chaoyang Acrobatics

Beijing Acrobats

I wanted to get to the topic of my second favorite, “god like” acrobatics show in Beijing. In this incredible city, there is another absolutely mind boggling performance known as the Chaoyang Acrobatic Show, which gets people going and finding love yet again. As I mentioned before about the argument of which god is the best, at Chaoyang Theatre it is yet another debate that is better left without words. When I first saw the performance at the Tiandi Theatre, I was speechless. Now having experienced the second show highlight of the town, I am speechless and stunned.

Also here you can smell how Chinese history has developed a long way to bring you this amazing performance. Not just a commercial blown up event, but a true meeting of the god and goddess. A well balance performance with male and female actors that are extremely talented. All in good flavor of Yin & Yang that brings authentic love to the performing stage! Coming to see the acrobatics is like a pilgrimidge for some, at least for the Chinese portion of the audience. Perhaps many foreigners have yet to realise the significance of this variety show which gives us hope and shows us how you need meditation to find extremes in life.

I often talk about topics like tantric healing, or sexual health and other sexuality issues amongst love itself. But I can say that it is the very energy of the water, the sexual energy that enables the acrobats do these feats. I never consider myself as some kind of a sex goddess, but just understanding and accepting that force that is even greater than us, unites the power of the world gods into one fertile power. Yet this massive energy is only the beginning and rises up your spine, through all the chakras from your feet to your crown chakra in the head.

Having passed some obstacles of the mind and being closer to ones true godlike being, I can say that the actors here have achieved a similar stage in life. One interesting aspect is of course, that this massive skill is left unnoticed by most spectators. But that is the way, where the truly enlightened will never get the recognisition that they would deserve. In fact, no recognisition is really needed, because having achieved the hightened state of being is rewarding in itself.

Without a doubt, these Chaoyang Acrobatics in Beijing are not going to use the same words for what I am explaining here. Perhaps for them it’s just a mindless act, where they don’t need to put words and which is exactly why they have realised perhaps more than any other performing artist known to man. This is the ultimate act of love because it is without condition and pure. Huge respect for this ancient Chinese form of art which should be mandatory on any itinerary in Beijing or anywhere in China. Go and check out the Chaoyang Theatre show and you will not be dissapointed. I promise you all.

Love & light,
Goddess, friend and guru,
Anna Deva

Ancient World of Chinese Goddesses

Chinese Goddess Bixia Yuanjin

Not so many of you might know about Chinese mythology. What I can assure all my readers of, that there is a tremendously old and historical ancient past of different gods and goddesses in the country. Previously known as the “Middle Kingdom” because of it’s centralised proximity within the world, or at least what was believed to be so the time. This kingdom, is filled with paradox and mystery which makes it one of the most fascinating countries to study their poetric souls. The philosophy behind this goddess rich path is a sublime philosophy that is sometimes even hard to grasp by those who spend their whole lives studying it.

There are several primitive folk religions that reigned throughout the land, from Confucious thinking to Daoism which is another magical belief filled with fascinating rituals. Not to forget Buddhism of course, but it’s just one of the many that have crossed through the multicultural landscape of the red republic.

What I love about Chinese gods and goddesses is that they are “deified humans”, much like in ancient Greek mythology. Which means of course that they are prone to mistakes just as we are, with emotions such as jealousy and greek which are not considered godly of emotions.

It is my strong belief that these kinds of emotions that could be considered as useless in their pure meaningless are in fact important to us all. They are simple stages or paths that lead us to a higher enlightement. Understanding this, has traditionally given root to enlightened beings such as Buddha himself.

With this I close by greeting to the great Chinese goddesses and deities, that I adore so much. Shangdi, Tianhou, Mu Gong, Bixia Yuanjin, Yen-lo-wang, Yu-huang and many more. It is as if the world and universe itself was created by these rulers of earth from China. In a sense, it is exactly the truth.

Love and light,
Anna Deva

Being True to Yourself

The Answer is Near

All of us are set on a path of finding ourselves, it’s an inevitable part of our lives. Soon after we are born, we start looking for it. It gives us the power to become whoever we are. But often enough, there are many misunderstandings when people around us try to shape us and makes us something that we are not by nature. Who ever said, that there is no such thing as god or goddess is probably quite dissolutioned. And that very dissolution is something that people use to reflect the very thing that could free them from being conditioned to being someone else.

To be true to yourself is a difficult task, when one thinks that it is. But it is absolutely necessary inorder to find happiness in this world, that creates divition and wars.. so that people would be distracted from their inner being. It is calling for everyone, and most of lives energy has to be put into the very rejection of oneself to be able to maintain it. It’s a sad state of affairs, with more and more people looking for an answer to.

But the problem lies in finding an external solution for the problem, which can only replace a problem with another. Being true to yourself, one must go inside and look into the very cause of all misery and problems. Which despite being conditioned to, onself can be only held responsable to. Just accepting that very essence of staying true and taking responsability takes a huge step the right way.

Ultimately each step must be walked by onself, and is different for each person. That is however one of the most beautiful things about life. So I encourage everyone to find their god, or goddess that is inside the very thing we call “yourself”. Good luck and happy searching.

The answer is near!

Anna Deva

World Gods & Acrobatic Power at Tiandi Theatre

World Gods Acrobatics

There are many gods in this world, and people seem to argue over which one is the most powerful, or the best. While the fact that there can only be one god, is in a way correct. The argument over which one is absolutely false. It’s simply a way for humans to feel confident over their incompetence to thrive their lives to happiness, which ultimately is each ones own responsibility. The one god, or goddess that I am talking about is you, me and everyone, as well as everything. It is the all powerful force, that is accessable to all human beings, plants and animals in this world. To tap into it, gives you real freedom to explore human consciousness and achieve things in life that make it worth living. Competition of any kind, between religion or acrobatic theatre is not necessary and only for those who are weak.

The world is full of different kinds of gods, made by man. But the one god or goddess is that which covers the whole world. Whenever I find examples of people who have embraced this tremendous force, I take not and study their ways. It’s always good to stay humble even if you achieve as incredible things as the Tiandi Theatre in Beijing has over the course of their acrobatic lifetime. Within Chinese history, the tradition has been that only those who forget pride and become humble within the forces of greater gods, one can really achieve the skill that is needed to become an acrobatic performer. Chinese tradition has indeed set the par of skill within this area of theatrical performance as high as it can be. Which is why the westerners could never replicated the feats, or reach the level of enlightement that has given the Beijing acrobats a power of gods to become one of the leading such nightlife venues.

Often enough, best examples are found in the most ordinary examples and even in commercial areas. For the performers at the Tiandi Theatre, money is definitely now the thriving power. Especially since wage is so low, that doing the incredible stage performance as many times as once a day without much holiday.. one needs to be passionate about their work and to entertain foreigners who come to Beijing. If you don’t believe me, just go there yourself and witness the true marvel of Chinese acrobatics.

There are others too which I will talk about, and cover in later posts. Until then, let us dream and embrace the world gods that are everyone and us all. To witness this, head on Beijing and don’t be afraid!

W. unconditional love,

The Temple of the Goddess

The Temple of the Goddess

–“Everything is sacred”, is something you often hear being said and it feels right. But when ones energy is not balanced, it often tends to attract forces outside of oneself. But in fact, that most sacred place to start with is your own temple. The reason being that this very temple is the doorway to all the other temples of this world and beyond. But when one is distracted by the burden of daily life and the mind, it is difficult to center and enter this almost forgotten but sacred pathway. Simply to approach this temple of the goddess is already a huge step towards happiness and being contempt.

Did you ever hear someone say to you, that you need to do something in order to become a better person. It is that very dangerous thought, that others are somehow responsable that diverts us from the most difficult and important aspect of our lives. Which is within ourselves, and contains everything that we ever need in our lives. All the manifests outwards, is a mere reflection and a natural outcome of the love that has been found from within ourselves. It is a concept that needs to frames, and there is no limit to the endless possibilities of its manifestation.

That’s why I suggest people not to forget ones own temple, but at the same time to find their own path. If this path leads you outside of yourself, it wants to teach you something. If going inwards feels unconfortable, it wants to teach you something. No matter what the action, it’s all the manifestation of that very inner being. It makes us what we are, and it should not be forgotten to say the least.

Anna Deva

Truth Behind Ganesha Consciousness

Ganesha Consciousness

This blog sets out to break boundaries and teach concepts that take no limit in discovering the inner workings of man, and it’s most inner being. It’s always an ongoing journey with words, until one day you don’t need words anymore. Of course, this is a day that is yet to come for most of us and for that we exist in bringing this message.

Speaking of messages, there are so many misunderstandings in this world. And we couldn’t think of a better example than our dear Ganesha. The virtuous god that has become one of the major targets of worship. But if you ask the Indians what they are worshopping, if you are a foreigner they will simply explain it to be the money god. Because Ganesha is someone who grants your wishes, and the biggest wish in modern day society is wealth, money and the power that comes with it.

The issue is two fold as these Ganesha worshipping Indians are actually rather sincere. In other countries you worship money, without saying and stating it out loud. If that is what you have set out to do in life, such as the most of the Indian population seems to have done.. then that is better to be said as what it is and not try to hide it in any way.

But Ganesha Consciousness originally and in it’s essense is something quite opposite to the artificial value of money. Ganesha is a protector and someone that connects our souls with this universe. In our history, the biggest wish was to connect with nature and become enlightened. Something that could not be further from money. The truth behind Ganesha Consciousness can only be experienced, when one throws away the greed and need for money itself. Because wish, is something that if someone truly wishes for in a spiritual level cannot be made out of paper. It will be made out of the universe, and surpass anything that has artificual value.

That is the consciousness we should thrive for.

Anna Deva

Get Ready for Love!!

Love Hand

Having worked in the goddess industry for all my life, there are some very fundamental messages and attitudes that really help to grow ones personality. One of course, is the power of love. There are those who seek spiritual practices but are not ready for sharing their love with themselves and others. That’s why I want to warn all my dear readers, that if you are not ready for love, you will experience difficulties. All one needs, is to accept in their hearts that love is the kind of compassion they want to achieve and grow in life to understand these texts. Becoming a better person is something that everyone wants, however we need to be realistic about some things.

The world of sexuality, goddess worship and tantric healing are some of the amazing tools we are using to reach our temple of god and goddess. But behind sexuality, behind everything lies love. This very attitude should be manifested throughout all the practices, even when there is need to hate or to remove hatred. So as a basic exercise I want to encourage our dear readers to think about love, and your relationship with it.

How much effort do you put into loving each day. How much of it is for yourself, and how much for others. Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. There cannot be one without the other. So just for a day consider your attitude and does it require change or not. Once you find the calling within you that you are ready, and want to love the world. Then, nothing can stop you and these texts will expand your consciousness to new heights that could not have been imagined before.

Let us start the path of love.

Goddess herself ,

Anna Deva